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The Correlation Network works and contributes to an increased quality of life for vulnerable and marginalized groups in Europe. We are committed to marginalised groups, such as drug users, sex workers, migrants, MSM and young people in risk situations as well as people living with HIV and AIDS and other communicable deseases.  We aim to improve the access to and the quality of medical and social services and work for a social Europe, in which marginal and vulnerable groups
have a permanent place with the same (human) rights then everyone else.




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February 2014

The UN Drug Control System and how to influence drug policy on UN Level

The UN Drug Control System and how to influence drug policy on UN Level
Next week, the UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND) comes together  in Vienna to prepare the 2016 United Nations General Assembly Special Session (UNGASS), where 193 nations will agree on a political declaration and plan of action to counter the world drug problem.
This Correlation Network spotlight article explains the framework of the UN sytem : ("UN for Dummies") and addresses, how UN declarations influence drug policy world wide and what NGO' s and civil society can do, to influence this process.

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February 2014

ITARDD Letter to the Italian President and Politicians: re-invent harm reduction In Italy

ITARDD  is an Italian network of service providers, drug users, associations and local authorities which promotes harm reduction in Italy. The network issued a letter to the Italian president, the Parliament, the regions, city majors and the Anti Drugs Policy Department (DPA) , requesting a key role for harm reduction in local policies and programmes and urging to change the repressive drug laws in that country. For more information and for co-signing the letter please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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January 2014

New Bulgarian bill increases punishments for small scale drug possessions

Correlation member 'Initiative of Health', Sofia reports about a dangerous turn in Bulgarian drug policy, enforcing the zero tolerance legislation of that country even more. Also the smallest quantity of possession of of drugs, including marijuana, is punished with imprisonment with no option for alternatives of imprisonment anyway.

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December 2013

Urgent call for support
The City of Budapest intends to close
the Bluepoint Needle and
Syringe Exchange Programme

Correlation statement signed by more than 100 organisations and persons

The statement concerning the intention of the City of Budapest to close the Bluepoint Needle and Exchange Programme was signed by more than 100 organisations and persons so far. On behalf of the Bluepoint Foundation we want to thank you for support and commitment. We keep you informed about the developments in Budapest. See here the statement and the list of signatories






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