Training guide 2

Using the Manual

People using this manual to support the delivery of the training need to be familiar with its content and competent in workshop-based training delivery. The manual outlines basic principles required for the effective and successful running of group-based training and also be used as a general guide for those less familiar with the preparation and running of workshops.

  • The Hepatitis C Treatment and Care for PWID is structured around a three day training programme.  The day is typically 7 ½ hours in duration (inclusive of a morning and afternoon break and an hour’s lunch).
  • This manual has been written to cover each module of the training course as it proceeds over the three days. Each module is designed to be delivered in approximately 90 minutes although this will of course be dependent on the knowledge and experience of trainees. Exercises should usually be completed in the order that they are set out and according to the time allocated. Throughout the modules there are opportunities to use a range of video resources. If used some of these may require additional time.
  • The training programme is also structured to allow flexibility of use in line with local learning objectives, participant abilities and needs of the audience. Particular attention should be paid to the practical and learning needs of PWID where they are being invited to the training.
  • The manual provides an overview of the various workshop modules to guide modular delivery and help you meet local learning requirements. It is designed to assist you in selecting those modules and presentation slides most relevant to the intended audience when running the workshops.
  • Trainers are encouraged to follow the guidelines given in the trainer preparation exercises and refer to the recommended reading before workshop delivery.
  • The training manual presumes a workshop size of 12 -16 participants. Much smaller or larger groups may require some modification and require more or less time to conduct group work, activities and manage participants’ contributions.
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