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Module 4: Testing and monitoring - section 1

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Getting tested: pros and cons

Activity: Group discussion
Section Time: Approximately 15 minutes

This is a short introductory activity to enable participants to begin to think about the reasons someone may (or may not) want to know their HCV status.

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To facilitate the discussion:

  • Allow the participants to offer their own undirected ideas first
  • Using the flipchart pad, note people’s ideas and, if suitable, group the suggestions in line with the main points on Slide 4.3 below
  • Note any entirely different reasons for testing that are mentioned

To facilitate the discussion:

  • Discuss any of these reasons that were not already mentioned or discussed adequately Use your judgement regarding how much attention to other reasons the group has suggested.
  • Be prepared to consider the different arguments for and against testing with reference to a) the availability and accessibility of HCV testing and HCV treatment for PWID in the participants’ own area.
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