Module 5: Testing skills development - section 2

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Pre and post-test discussion - Role play

Activity: Role play in pairs
Section Time: Approximately 45 minutes
Materials required: Worksheets

This activity allows participants to practice pre and post-test discussion for HCV testing and develop the required skills.

Note that to determine whether someone is competent to fulfil this role needs to be assessed independently as it will depend on their pre-existing knowledge and skills and the setting in which they work. As a matter of good practice, anyone taking on this role should have access to supervision and support, which enables them to develop their practice and manage the ethical and other issues that can sometimes arise.

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To facilitate the role play:

  • Either a) use one of the case studies provided (Handout 5.1) b) generate your own case studies that illustrate features that are particularly relevant to the participants, or c) allow people to draw on someone they know through their work or personally instead
  • Encourage people to think about any additional background they want to include e.g. piercings, tattoos, previous HCV tests etc.
  • Ensure everyone has a copy of Handout 5.2 for use as a checklist.
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