Module 6: Treatment options - section 3

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Receiving treatment – personal stories 1

Activity: Video with discussion
Section Time: Approximately 10 minutes
Materials required:   Access to ‘My Story of C’ as QuickTime movie as part of training manual resource pack or online resource at:

Show Slide 6.6 (Video) and introduce film:

This short film (6’06) is video diary about Jazzy who was born with hepatitis C and her living with the condition. It shows one persons experience of treatment only and is used to help participants consider how such experiences might be typical or vary from individual to individual.

After the film has seen show Slide 6.7 (Group work) and facilitate small group work by asking each group to consider:

Ask each group to note answers on flip chart paper. Allow 15 minutes or so before convening large group for collective feedback. It can be helpful to ask participants what they would need to know before making decisions about their own HCV treatment.

The film ‘HCV Facts – Focussing on interferon treatment’ can be used as an additional resource while delivering this module although consideration will need to be given to time allocation. This film shows the experiences of several people going through effective treatment for HCV highlighting the benefits while acknowledging the challenges faced by those in treatment.

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