Module 7: Managing side effects and optimising treatment strategies - introduction

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Module goal:

To enable participants understand how treatment side effects can compromise adherence and treatment outcomes. To consider interventions and strategies that can reduce side effects and optimize treatment effectiveness and the degree to which complementary and alternative interventions may help those with HCV.

Learning objectives:

By the end of the module, participants will be able to:

  • List the main side effects to different forms of treatment
  • Discuss a range of intervention strategies that can reduce the impact of treatment side effects
  • Discuss how integrated care provision can optimise treatment outcomes
  • Evaluate the evidence for interventions that may complement medical treatment
Topics covered:
  • Side effects and implications for treatment
  • Minor and major side effects and responses
  • Treatment optimisation and multidisciplinary approaches
  • Complementary and alternative interventions
Materials and resources required:
  • Computer/laptop and projector
  • Flipchart paper, stand and pens
  • Video material from resource pack or internet access to stream video footage
Module time: approximately 90 minutes

Show and talk to Slide 7.1 (Managing side effects and optimising treatment strategies) outlining the module:

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