Module 8: Lifestyle and living with HCV - introduction

In this document:

Module goal:

To consider the impact of lifestyle on PLWHCV and the potential non-medical impact of HCV on a person’s life.

Learning objectives:

By the end of the module, participants will be able to:

  • Evaluate the role of lifestyle factors that can affect the course of infection and well-being including: alcohol and other drug use, stress and diet.
  • Discuss the main non-medical issues that can arise when living with Hepatitis C with reference to the key sources of support that are available.
Topics covered:
  • Alcohol and other drugs
  • Enhancing well-being
  • Living with HCV
  • Information, advice and support
Before the training:

It is may be useful to gather information about:

  • Welfare benefits
  • Employment policy and any anti-discriminatory legislation that is applicable
  • Policies concerning financial products
Materials and resources required:
  • Computer/laptop and projector
  • Flipchart paper, stand and pens
  • Handouts
Module time: approximately 90 minutes

Show and talk to Slide 8.1 (Lifestyle and living with HCV) outlining the module:

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