Module 8: Lifestyle and living with HCV - section 4

In this document:

Information, advice and support

Activity: Small group exercise
Section Time: Approximately 30 minutes
Materials required: Handout

This activity enables participants to consider the various information and provision needs that can arise and the supports that exist for people living with HCV.

To facilitate the exercise

  • Divide people into small groups and distribute Handout 8.2 - Lifestyle and living with HCV (worksheet)
  • Explain how the worksheet is completed by identifying and recording the information, support needs and local resource opportunities for PLWHCV.
  • Allow at least 15 minutes for them to complete the worksheet as fully as possible. More time may well be desirable
  • Allow groups to feed back
  • Consider: local and national telephone support; professional and peer-led support/campaigning/activism groups for PLWHCV (and drug users more broadly where these are relevant to HCV) ; buddying with PLWHCV; on-line support through chat rooms, bulletin boards and email lists; and, web and printed publications.
  • Encourage each group to identify priorities for a) clarifying availability b) promoting existing supports or c) trying to develop supports.
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