Module 9: Co-infection with HIV - introduction

In this document:
Module goal:

To consider how co-infection with HCV and HIV amongst PWID is a growing issue and why understanding the clinical implications of co-infection are essential for safe and effective treatment and care

Learning objectives:

By the end of the module, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the differing characteristics of HCV and HIV
  • Discuss the main ways that co-infection with HIV/HCV affects treatment and care
Topics covered:
  • HCV and HIV main characteristics
  • Prevalence of HCV/HIV co-infection
  • Effects of HIV on HCV
  • Liver disease progression in those who are co-infected
  • Treatment issues
Before the training:

Obtain the best available current information on regional and local HIV/HCV prevalence rates for your region/country

Materials and resources required:
  • Computer/laptop and projector
  • Flipchart paper, stand and pens
  • Handouts
Module time: approximately 90 minutes

Show and talk to Slide 9.1 (Co-infection with HIV) outlining the module:

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