Module 9: Co-infection with HIV - section 1

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HIV/HCV Co-infection

Activity: Small group work and feedback
Section Time: Approximately 30 minutes
Materials required: Handouts

The purpose of this section is to provide an introduction to HIV/HCV co-infection and to explore both the similarities and differences between the two viruses.

Introduce this activity by summarising HIV/HCV co-infection using Slide 9.2 (HIV/HCV Co-infection):

Show Slide 9.3 (Group work) and distribute Handout 9.1 - HCV vs. HIV: similarities and differences (worksheet) to all participants and establish small groups for group work exercise:

Ask participants to:

  • Share knowledge within their groups as they formulate responses.
  • Complete the worksheet.
  • To note where characteristics are unknown or uncertain.

Allow 20 minutes to complete the worksheet and while still in groups, distribute Handout 9.2 - HCV vs. HIV: similarities and differences (answer sheet) and ask participants to:

  • Use answer-sheet to review accuracy of their own answers
  • Identify any uncertainties around characteristics to contribute to feedback
  • Allow 5 minutes for this ‘compare and contrast’ part of the activity

Convene large group and provide 10 minutes for feedback. Facilitate feedback by:

  • Identifying discrepancy across groups and encourage discussion to aid clarification.
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