Module 11: Advocacy: Next steps and action planning - section 2

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Advocacy in practice: action planning

Activity: Discussion in pairs/small group work
Section Time: Approximately 45 minutes

This activity requires people to reflect back on the training and develop some form of action plan that will translate this into change. 

Show Slide 11.9 (Group work) :

To facilitate the activity:

  • Ask the group to discuss this in pairs and each write down as long a list as possible
  • Allow up to about 15 minutes

Show Slide 11.10 (Action planning) :

Slide 11.11 (Action planning example) can be shown to guide participants:


To facilitate the activity

  • Ask the group to form small groups of about two pairs each
  • The groups should discuss each person’s most important immediate and long-term priorities (one of each)
  • Participants should support each other to write these in the suggested format in a way that is concrete, and unambiguous
  • The priorities could provide the basis for a review day later on.
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